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Custom marketing plans

A great marketing plan is the key to success! We will develop one with you & give you the tools you need to be successful.

Private Facebook Group

Business owners and managers from around the country can discuss what is working today, and the trends they see in the future.

Managed Analytics

Without careful tracking of your marketing efforts it is impossible to improve. We provide all the tools & training to be successful.

Easy to manage web site

No need to learn Geek! We provide Websites that are optimized for marketing & easy to use from your desktop, tablet or phone.

Weekly Mastermind Calls

Join in on a weekly call with other business owners. In this call we discuss success, failure and everything in between!

Adwords Management

We can provide you with a dedicated Adwords specialist to setup & manage your PPC campaigns. We recommend a min ad budget of $1,000 per month.

Unlimited Web Pages

A great marketing platform does not have 5 or 6 pages. A great platform grows as you need it to with no surprises or crazy pricing.

One on One Coaching

Do you need immediate results? With 1 on 1 coaching you get the tools you need for rapid action. Accountability is the key to success.

The Library of Awesome

With topics ranging from basic customer service to advanced SEO, we provide you and your staff the tools needed for success.


  • Soloprenuer
    $297 monthly
    • Personalized Marketing Plan
    • Website Hosting
    • Easy to set up and Mange website
    • Website Hosting
    • Unlimited Pages
    • Blogging capabilities
    • Call to action forms
    • Private Facebook Mastermind Group
    • Access to the Marketing Library
  • Big Deal
    $3497 monthly
    • Weekly Mastermind Call
    • Call to action forms
    • Setup social media platforms
    • Email Contact Manager 2500 Subscribers
    • Personalized Marketing Plan
    • Easy to set up and Mange website
    • Website Hosting
    • Unlimited Pages
    • Blogging capabilities
    • Access to the Marketing Library
    • Private Facebook Mastermind Group

who we are

Charles brings to the table 30 years of entrepreneurial spirit.  He has built over a dozen companies and has coached hundreds of other in starting up or turning their businesses around.  His start ups have covered industries including Photography, Telecommunications, Real Estate, Banking, Health Care, and the ever popular Interweb.

Charles has written the number one, best selling guide “How to Start an Assisted Living Home” and has helped hundreds of people in the USA, Canada, and Mexico start up, market, grow, and manage their health care businesses.

Regardless of where you are in your career, I strongly believe that “success is your ethical and moral obligation” not only to yourself, your family, and your employees, but to your community as well.  If you want things to change, if you want a better life for your family, the best thing you can do is be successful!

I can help you take control of your business.  I will show you how to build a loyal client base and grow a phenomenal income. Together we can  bring START UP ENERGY back into your business!

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